Cultural tourism in Buffalo City

In the spring of this year, a seminar was held on the development of a cruise line in Buffalo City. It was organized by the Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency in partnership with the City Council.

The purpose of the event was to develop the concept of cruise lines within the tourism sector of the economy. It was necessary to obtain and analyze the data on the state and characteristics of existing areas.

Thus, new routes will be defined for the city, which have two main directions:

• Cultural tourism

• Provision of new unique hunting grounds

It is noted that the Eastern Cape is considered the cultural Mecca of South Africa. This was announced by Paul Bruening, the director of Akorn Destination Management. Recall that earlier the organization has already been marked by the creation of reserves in which there was no malaria. According to Paul’s idea, it is necessary to increase the number of travelers who will strive to learn the culture and traditions of the region. This will be achieved through a more open approach to the dissemination of information about history and events.

The ability to create a large number of jobs was named a big plus of the tourism sector. This will help solve the problem of unemployment much faster than other sectors of the economy allow. According to statistics, every tourist who visits the East Coast creates 6 jobs. Among them these are the activities of a guide who knows the area and sights, can take or tell about them.

For the city

Bruning encouraged young Africans to take up jobs as guides and to share information with working guides. Now the majority of those working in this segment are white people, but the country’s indigenous population is Africans with dark skin. This does not reflect the specifics of the culture, so it is necessary to attract more local people to work as guides. In addition, an East Coast native has a better knowledge of the history, traditions, and places of their homelands, which can help innovate new destinations.

According to the director of the Chamber of Commerce, Liesel Maurice, cruise offers need to be streamlined. In addition, it is necessary to work out a marketing strategy for their promotion to the masses. It is useful to restore road shows that will stimulate people and events. They should be directed primarily to help and support. This is not only about financial assistance, but also mentoring, which will allow you to get your business on its feet or launch new startups.

The seminar was well received by all those involved in the tourism industry. These are guides, traders and interested representatives of the Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency. Business expects the development of the described trends.

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