10 things to do in the Eastern Cape

We bring to your attention a dozen attractions that are definitely worth a visit if you are in the Eastern Cape. This is the best that the nature of the continent has created in these places.

Hole in the wall

The first to recommend is the “hole in the wall”, which is a World Heritage Site. In fact, this is a vertical rocky ridge rising from the water to a great height, but with a rounded hole. This is the result of the erosion of waves and wind, which constantly wash away the rock and create this unique object.

Location: Coffee Bay, Wild Beach.


Bavianskloof is considered one of the 34 places in the world with incredible biodiversity. This made it a World Heritage Site.

You can get to know the incredible nature of the reserve driving a car. A SUV will allow you to visit the plateau, passes and rivers, but you can go by bike. In this case, you need to obtain the appropriate permission and hire a support agent.

Location: Koga region.

Owl house

The Owl House is a piece of art that was made by Helen Martins. It is full of colors, light and expressive texture.

Location: New Bethesda, Heartland Karoo.

Valley of desolation

Sheer cliffs and columns against the backdrop of the plains of Kamdebu hide in their surroundings a whole world of wildlife, untouched by man. The harsh landscape gives this place an indescribable brutality.

The fauna includes many endemic species, as well as all the animals that symbolize Africa, like zebras or buffaloes. The world of birds is no less widely represented, from the heaviest flying bird in the world to majestic predators.

Location: Camdebu National Park, Graff Reinet, Heartland Karoo.

Magwa waterfall

There are many waterfalls on the wild coast, but it is relatively easy to get only to Magwa. The rest are located in such hard-to-reach places that you can get into the neighborhood only as part of a serious expedition.

Magwa is located at a height difference of 144 meters, the stream enters a deep narrow canyon. Around the lush tea plantation, spread over 1 800 hectares – the only one preserved in these places.

Location: Wild Beach.

Suspension bridge across Storms River

The bridge over Storms River is not an attraction for the faint of heart. Just 7 meters above the seething water is a suspension bridge 77 meters long. Here the river flows into the Indian Ocean, so the foamy crests of red-brown color do not calm down for a minute.

Around there is a virgin forest with polyphony of beautiful birds. You can admire the views and take hundreds of wonderful pictures, including from convenient viewing platforms that are scattered along the paths.

Location: Tsitsikamma National Park.

Gulf of Saint Francis

The picturesque bay is reminiscent of the views of the Mediterranean. There is a network of canals and the authentic style of the fields, contrasting with the desert dunes.

Stunning beaches and warm ocean waters complement the natural beauty of the mainland. A well-developed entertainment infrastructure will allow you to find something to your liking, be it golf or the exotic of the local harbor. In total, there are prepared areas for more than 50 sports.

Location: St. Francis Bay, Koga Region.


The Mkambati Nature Reserve is located in the coastal zone of Pondoland. Wooded areas interspersed with plains used as pastures contrast with the rocky landscapes of the coastline.

The river of the same name cuts through the reserve and passes through a series of cliffs, where picturesque rifts and waterfalls form. Here it flows into the Indian Ocean.

Location: Wild Beach.

Shark Rock Pier

The picturesque place is the only pier in Nelson Mandela Bay. There is a vast space where festivals and festivities take place, at least one of which is worth visiting. It is impossible to remain indifferent!

Location: Khobi Beach, Gkeberha, Nelson Mandela Bay.

Addo Elephant National Park

It’s no secret that elephants are one of the most dangerous animals in Africa, killing more every year than the continent’s large carnivores. And this is a great excuse to take a couple of selfies with these majestic animals in the background. Here it is possible without risk to life!

In addition, it is the 3rd largest park in South Africa.

Virgin forest with polyphony

Location: Sundays Valley.

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